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changes in law

already in force
Recast regulation on export control of dual-use items: What will change?
New calculation of the capacity fee
No more paper applications to the National Court Register
Will the Housing for Land Act increase the number of housing developments?
Illegal use of a structure: Fines ruthlessly pursued
Next phase in limitation and extinguishment of reprivatisation claims to Warsaw properties
A new approach to construction design
Narrower set of parties in cases seeking a building permit
Transfer of a building permit without the consent of the prior investor
New rules for legalisation of unlawful construction
No more legalisation of unlawful construction with a variance from technical construction regulations
IP courts: How to ensure that we aren’t infringing someone else’s exclusive rights?
Extension of deadlines to perform transfer pricing obligations
Simplified restructuring procedure: A new tool for businesses in crisis
Construction in the time of coronavirus
Epidemic threat and quarantine obligation
Coronavirus: How to challenge compulsory treatment?
Employers and new regulations on COVID-19
Changes in civil procedure: High hopes, some difficulties
Technical improvements in procedure
New jurisdiction of the courts in certain cases
The return of the separate procedure in commercial cases
New procedure for service of documents under the Civil Procedure Code
New litigation management tools for judges
Registration of beneficial owners
Criminal procedure: Third reform, dubious results
KOWR consent to acquire agricultural land: A new approach
Acquisition of banks under KNF supervision
Manufacturing waiver weakens SPCs
Resolutions of shareholders of a limited-liability company
A new approach to dividends in limited-liability companies
Drug distribution: New regulations in the Pharmaceutical Law
Use of criminal law to combat drug distribution
Changes to trademark law from 16 March 2019
Abolition of the graphical presentation requirement for national trademarks
Collective mark and guarantee mark
Licensee as claimant: A significant new entitlement
Trademarks in dictionaries and encyclopaedias
Liability of intermediaries for trademark infringement
Amendments to the rules on transit of counterfeit goods
Is it now time for employment contracts in electronic form?
Employee capital plans mean new obligations for employers
Can shops operate on 12 November 2018?
Further amendments on financial statements
Further amendments to the Water Law
The split payment mechanism
Split payment mechanism: Apparent and hidden benefits
Split payment and the legal situation of financing banks
Possible growth, but also more problems: Split payment in factoring
Green light for autonomous vehicles in Poland?
new provisions
Minister of Infrastructure takes first step on new offshore wind permits in Poland
The new Developers Act: What will change?
Reservation agreement: What shape will it take under the new Developers Act?
New rules for handover of residential units and single-family houses
Change of information obligations of banks in the new Developers Act
Date of entry into force of the new Developers Act and transitional provisions
The amendment to the Administrative Procedure Code of 11 August 2021: What does it actually mean, and does it live up to the declarations of the authorities?
“Slim VAT 2”: Another reform of VAT settlements
Tax strategy: A step toward transparency or just more red tape?
New waste storage requirements
What will be the fate of applications for building permits prepared under the old energy-efficiency standards?
Amendments to the Inheritance and Gift Tax Act
Abusive clauses under the new Public Procurement Law
Control of certain investments: new protective provisions
IP courts: Cancellation of trademarks and industrial designs not only before the Patent Office
IP courts: Change in regulations on information claims from 1 July 2020
IP courts: Will it be easier to prove infringements?
IP courts: Changes in proceedings for protection of intellectual property
Changes in taxpayers’ dealings with the tax authorities and administrative courts: Shield 3.0
Can a business be a consumer? Yes, from 1 June 2020
Contractual advantage: Examples of potentially prohibited practices
How to establish collateral on investment certificates of closed-end investment funds?
Doubts about the act on GMO-free products
Public companies must adopt a compensation policy
Mandatory websites for joint-stock companies
The simple stock company
Can entrapment help to prosecute companies?
Legal actions of a “false” corporate body can be saved. But all of them?
New Public Procurement Law: The draft has arrived
New PPL: Is everything in line with EU law?
Forced conciliation
New “basic procedure” for contracts below EU thresholds
Grounds for exclusion in the proposed new Public Procurement Law: Closer to the directive
Bid bonds in 2020: same problems, same sanctions
A revolution in the required content of public contracts
Data protection and public procurement
Financial market – changes, changes, and more changes
Costly parting of the ways with the Polish tax authorities: Tax on income from unrealised gains
Another step towards to EU copyright reform
Changes in public-private partnerships
Major changes to rules on statutory time limits on claims
The Constitution for Business soon in force
A business that is a natural person can appoint a commercial proxy
Regulated business activity in the Constitution for Business
Changes to rules on participation of foreign undertakings in trade in Poland
Liquidation of branches of foreign undertakings—proposed amendments
From 2018 income of management board members to be taxed at 18% and 32%
New Water Law—a revolution in water management
Restrictions on investor’s joint and several liability
Mediation in administrative proceedings
New quality in healthcare? The Ministry of Health proposes changes
Polish Whistleblowing Act: What should employers expect?
Transfer pricing: The next amendment
Holding law: Proposed amendment to the Commercial Companies Code
Liability for binding instructions in the proposed holding law
The amended mechanism for extended producer responsibility—part I 
Proposed changes in transfer pricing regulations
The Polish Deal: Consolidation relief and changes in tax treatment of debt financing costs
Preferences for PIT payers investing in alternative investment companies and new conditions for the tax exemption for AICs from 2022
Proposed changes would increase tax burdens on top earners
Benefits for people returning from abroad, tax holidaymakers, and tax optimisers coming in from the cold
New tax regime for holding companies: Who will benefit from it?
New tax options for capital groups: VAT groups in Poland
Depreciation of real estate belonging to real estate companies
Amendments to the Investment Funds Act
“590 interpretation”: Investment agreement with the Minister of Finance for new investments
A chance for a resurgence of onshore wind power investments in Poland
Developers Guarantee Fund: More drawbacks than benefits?
Single-use plastics will disappear, new obligations will be imposed on businesses
Veggie burgers will still be a thing
Taxation of real estate companies
Planned rules for imposing corporate income tax on limited partnerships from 2021
Limited partnerships and some registered partnerships to be subject to corporate income tax
W kwestii pouczeń pisanych po ludzku na razie obeszliśmy się smakiem
Anti-crisis shield
Showdown in the penalty area: An opportunity for change in sport?
Coronavirus: Shielding package for business
Special Offshore Bill
(R)evolution in dealings between taxpayers and tax authorities
New Public Procurement Law: Mediation and conciliation at the Court of Arbitration at the General Counsel to the Republic of Poland—good or bad solution?
Key changes proposed in waste records and Waste Database
Can an aggrieved person harmed by a corporate entity file a complaint concerning tardiness?
Bad smell law places restrictions on construction of large-scale animal farms
RES Act to be amended again
If it comes to a “no-deal” Brexit, UK financial market firms will be given transition periods
Digitalisation of procurement without signposting
Food law 2019: GMO-free labelling
Can new regulations limit the possibility of resigning from a company’s management board?
Relief for energy-intensive businesses, other businesses under strain
Changes in access to public procurement
How to deprive Polish roads of billions of euros
Selected anticipated changes in income taxes as of 2019
Transportation service applications to be regulated?
Taxation of income from trading in cryptocurrencies: A new approach
The EU plans to protect whistleblowers
Important amendments to the Waste Act
Broader powers of the Environmental Protection Inspectorate
Plans for revolution in classification of a substance as a by-product
The Terezin Declaration and the JUST Act: What is right and what is imaginary
The issue of Jewish heirless property demands extraordinary measures